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Silk turban – night bouquet Silk turban – night bouquet
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Silk satin turbans

We don't realize that the friction between our hair and the pillow during sleep can cause damage. Our hair becomes brittle, dull and have split ends due to the lack of appropriate hair protection at night, even with the right hair care. The best solution will be our satin silk turbans, which can fulfil two functions: at night they protect our hair and can be a stylish headwear during the day.


Our silk satin turbans, as our bonnet caps, minimise the loss of the hair that would otherwise be pulled out and left on the pillow. Moreover, the texture of silk satin makes the hair glide smoothly on the surface without damaging itself. The smoothing features cover the scales of the hair, making it shiny and looking better. Additionally, sleeping in a silk satin turban encourages balancing hair scalp and keep your hair in place, saving your time in the mornings.



Our satin silk turbans prevent your hair from tangling during sleep and the adjustment avoids a misfit. We recommend them for straight hair, as well as short curly and wavy hair.

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