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Silk satin sleep masks

The way we sleep is fundamental for our well-being the whole day. It is important to prepare as well as possible for sleep in order to be rested in the morning.


We offer pillowcases with beneficial properties of silk, which have a wonderful effect on skin and hair and highly recommended for people with sensitive skin. We noticed the overwhelming interest regarding our pillowcases so far, so we decided to create a new product for comfort sleep of our potential customers. That's why we focused on making silk satin sleep masks, which noticeably differ among similar available products.


Our satin silk sleep masks have a nose contour line that minimises any light flux, regulating the melatonin production in order to protect cellular changes. Another benefit of silk sleep masks is the slim stretchy straps and extra adjustment capability, making it easier to fit the mask according to your head size without worrying it will fall off during sleep.


The materials used for silk satin sleep masks are 100% natural- 80% is silk and 20% is fine cotton. Due to nonallergenic and antibacterial properties of silk make the sleep masks highly recommended for sensitive skin.

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