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Silk satin hair rollers

The desire of many straight hair owners is to get curls or waves without using of heat. The usual curlers and straighteners negatively affect the condition of hair and regular usage may cause serious hair damage. Using reliable hair products on daily basis isn't enough! Accessories for regular hair care are also worth buying. We offer sleeping caps to protect your hair, silk hair rollers to style your hair safely and curlers to improve the care of your hair.


Why our hair rollers are the best choice? They are fully covered with silk satin, allowing the hair to glide, avoiding friction- one of the factors that negatively affect the condition of the hair.  Additionally, included silk hair bands and ties placed on both ends of the roller, make the usage of these products simple and the wearing is so comfortable. In creating this product, we have aimed to satisfy each customer, so the rollers are available in two sizes, depending on the length and density of your hair.

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