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Silk mid-width ruffled headband – black Silk mid-width ruffled headband – black
Producent: ALMANIA


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Ruffled  silk headband - flowers on the black Ruffled silk headband - flowers on the black
Producent: ALMANIA


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Silk satin headbands

We designed these silk headbands for fans of quality hair jewellery which doesn't negatively affect the condition and look of the hair. We understand the importance of caring for hair, including the choice of accessories.


We advise you to pay attention to our satin headbands in case you prefer elegant accessories to make your hairstyle more impressive. There are many trendy colours available, which are changed according to the season. Moreover, in order to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers, it was decided to create three different types of headbands. These are soft knotted headbands, traditional elastic headbands, as well as a new product - slim silk headband, for those who prefer minimalism and simple accessories.


The attention to details of our headbands is exceptional, and by making them completely covered in silk satin we avoid pulling out and tugging of the hair, as well as negative friction.

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