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Silk satin hair scarves

Are you a multifunctional product lover and appreciate minimalism when it comes to accessories? That's why you will enjoy our silk satin hair scarves, that not only look adorable but also suitable for different occasions.


What are our silk scarves for? They may become a unique accessory for hairstyles - it looks great with loose hair, braided or wrapped around a hair bun. You can also use them as a neck or wrist scarf instead of the regular scarf, as well as the accessory to beautify your favourite handbag or dress by tying it around your waist.


Our popular scarves are made from 100% mulberry silk, which is known for its exceptional nourishing properties, so wearing them has no negative impact on your hair. If you're looking for the accessory that can be used differently depending on the occasion- check out our collection of hand sewn silk hair scarves!

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