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Silk satin hair bands

Each hair addict knows that a wrongly chosen hair elastic can damage the hair, even with the proper hair care. It is important to check that the hair band doesn't have metal connectors, which often pull out tangled hair. Furthermore, the hair band itself should be elastic to prevent it from straining the scalp.


Our silk hair bands are characterised by being very delicate. Without breaking, tearing or pulling your hair out they keep your hairstyle in place and with its satin shine make your hair charming.


There are several different types of silk hair bands available in our shop. From a traditional scrunchie available in many colours and patterns, to its smaller versions that can be ordered in a set of two in selected colours, as well as a ribbon scrunchie to make your hairstyle more unique.


Silk satin hair bands are highly recommended for anyone who puts hair in a ponytail or a bundle. The softness of the products prevents any negative effects on the hair, without leaving any hair creases.

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